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Universal and Warner Brothers Take Lead At Box Office

Half the year is gone and box office numbers resemble those of years past. Monday, August 15, marked $7.08 billion in box office sales up from last years $7.07 billion, according to Rentrack and studio accounting. This summer sales started 14% behind last year and with less than expected numbers from high profile blockbusters like […]

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SuperHero Director Christopher Nolan Set to Shoot “Interstellar”

Christopher Nolan has been Hollywood’s go to guy for big budget filmmaking for the last decade and his next blockbuster “Interstellar” is underway in Alberta, Canada. Paramount Pictures and Warner Bros. have announced principal photography and a box office date set for November 7, 2014. The former will distribute domestically and the latter internationally. Christopher […]

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Entourage: The Movie Gets Green Light. Let’s Go!

There seems to be a pattern here. Make a long running hit on HBO; i.e. Sex in the City or Entourage, you choose and receive an automatic Big Screen Hit. At least that’s what Warner Brothers Pictures is thinking. After eight enlightening seasons of Hollywood fame, agency heaven, fast cars, and kush; Doug Ellin will […]

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