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Hollywood Cast with Actress Onika Day

  A working actress has plenty of work to do if she wants to land those coveted principal roles; that’s why Onika Day is considered Hollywood Cast. I met Onika a while ago and had a chance to chat with her recently about working life as an actress and you’d be surprised at how her […]

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Sony Vies For Content with Viacom and Cable Providers

Sony’s online strategy takes form with Viacom and perhaps cable providers. Cbs’ hold out with Time Warner has power players like Sony looking to expand their ability to distribute content via Sony Playstation devices and TVs. Sony has already struck a tentative deal with Viacom to bring cable channels like Nickelodeon and Comedy Central to […]

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TV Trumps Film In The Eyes of Hollywood Executives

Style601.com, a leading niche film and fashion blog, state with the recent development and pickups by NBC and ABC along with CBS still being the “the most watched network” ;TV is a priority. “Hollywood’s take on go hard or go home has driven studios up into the 200m or more range for movies.” Film has […]

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