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The Digital Media Marketplace Continues to Take Shape; Economies of Scale

Digital media has been center stage for quite sometime and some of the players are recognizing the opportunity to gain a big share. YouTube’s video sharing platform has been a breeding place for digital media companies to develop a demographic. What’s next? Major studios have taking interest in securing their place in this growing media […]

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Sony Vies For Content with Viacom and Cable Providers

Sony’s online strategy takes form with Viacom and perhaps cable providers. Cbs’ hold out with Time Warner has power players like Sony looking to expand their ability to distribute content via Sony Playstation devices and TVs. Sony has already struck a tentative deal with Viacom to bring cable channels like Nickelodeon and Comedy Central to […]

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YouTube Partners Set To Branch Out As A Competing Digital Network

Maker Studios is home to a network of channels reaching over 30 million people a month and 3 billion views in the US, according to ComScore.  Its partnership with YouTube is one of YouTube’s biggest alliances. So, why bite the hand that feeds you? Or is Maker Studios food for thought on the world’s largest […]

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