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The Hack vs The Threat: Censored Content or The Truth Exposed About Hollywood Studio Sony Pictures (Part2)

Sony’s Biggest PR Scare has White House’s Interest The Threat Technology is at the heart of the world’s government, economics, and every day lives. Everyone respects a Blackhat because they’re able to access just about everything and essentially is a member of a secret society of intelligence and information. To access one of America’s top […]

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FX Expands Their Brand To Include FXX

Original Programing is part of FX’s tag line and to differentiate is to expand brand strategy within its scope of originality. This sounds like an artist dream. Well it is! It’s more opportunity to be accepted in a cookie cutter industry and FX wants to take advantage. FX has two Presidents, Nick Grad and Eric […]

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Streaming Continues to Break Ground As A Premier Source For Home Entertainment: Netflix and Dreamworks Collaborate

The digital age has literally changed the way we view the world and TV is no exception. Social media laid a huge foundation to the Internet platform followed by network services like YouTube, Netflix, and Hulu. These networks give way to an expanded experience utilizing a long list of mobile device and Internet connected TVs. […]

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