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Sony Hack Creates New Opportunities for Executive

Sony gets an expensive make over but at who’s cost? Once again there has been made a public mockery of the minorities and talent that help make billions of dollars for an industry. Reminiscent of the corporate decisions of Disney owned A+E; Sony Pictures has granted Amy Pascal industry asylum after giving apologies to civil […]

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The Hack vs The Threat: Censored Content or The Truth Exposed About Hollywood Studio Sony Pictures (Part2)

Sony’s Biggest PR Scare has White House’s Interest The Threat Technology is at the heart of the world’s government, economics, and every day lives. Everyone respects a Blackhat because they’re able to access just about everything and essentially is a member of a secret society of intelligence and information. To access one of America’s top […]

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The Hack vs The Threat: Censored Content or the Truth Exposed about Hollywood Studio Sony Pictures (Part1)

What’s the debate about? There are two separate issues with the Sony Pictures Hack. The Hack Executives at Sony Pictures have a debate over corporate email showing racial biases unrelated to the company’s bottom line. Those emails were presented by the media as a primary concern not just because of the current concern of extreme […]

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Sony Vies For Content with Viacom and Cable Providers

Sony’s online strategy takes form with Viacom and perhaps cable providers. Cbs’ hold out with Time Warner has power players like Sony looking to expand their ability to distribute content via Sony Playstation devices and TVs. Sony has already struck a tentative deal with Viacom to bring cable channels like Nickelodeon and Comedy Central to […]

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Universal and Warner Brothers Take Lead At Box Office

Half the year is gone and box office numbers resemble those of years past. Monday, August 15, marked $7.08 billion in box office sales up from last years $7.07 billion, according to Rentrack and studio accounting. This summer sales started 14% behind last year and with less than expected numbers from high profile blockbusters like […]

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