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Oprah Returns To The Big Screen With Oscar Nominated Director Lee Daniels

Film and Fashion brand, Style601.com, has gotten a sneak peak at potentially Hollywood’s second African American Oscar nominated film and inspired by the life of Eugene Allen. Butler is the title and also serves as the role of Eugene Allen who made a living as the Head Butler in the White House serving eight presidents […]

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“Men In Black 4” and “21 Jump Street 2” In Development At Sony

Blacklist writer Oren Uziel has been asked to pen the sequel to 21 Jump Street; then tackle Men In Black 4. Men In Black 3 reached a franchise high of $264 million. Reports have not made claim to Smith’s involvement but the studio states that its an expensive film because of the backend deals with […]

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Lincoln The Movie Inspires Mississippi Legislation

Spielberg ‘s epic career includes a multitude of super sci-fi and true to life depictions of American history. In Spielberg’s latest film Lincoln, he captures the events surrounding the last four months of his life and his efforts to pass the Thirteenth Amendment. Relevancy should be garnered as just important a factor as the theatrical […]

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The Call (Trailer) Starring Halle Berry

One of America’s Favorite Actresses is back at again. It’s no question that Halle Berry has left her mark by winning the 2002 Academy Award for best Actress with Monster’s Ball. Since then Berry has been the epitome of sexy with starring roles in Catwoman, Die Another Day, X2, and The Last Stand. This time around her ageless […]

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Brookner Campaigns The Restoration of the 1983 BBC Documentary Of William S. Burroughs; Burroughs: The Movie

20th Century literature has been the staple of Hollywood 21st century filmmaking. It would be hard to talk about influential writers without speaking about William S. Burroughs and that’s exactly what Filmmaker Howard Brookner did in the 1983 BBC documentary. It took 5 five years to capture the footage necessary for this award winning documentary. […]

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