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Dollars Adding Up For Netflix CEO Reed Hastings

Top employees and managers are suppose to get the largest salaries right? Netflix CEO, Reed Hastings, is counting the dollar as his compensation sees nearly a 50% increase. An increase that equates to compensation package of $36.1 million. Variety reports, “— that’s up from $24.4 million the previous year.”  HIs salary is only $700,000 but […]

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Netflix Reaches for Iconic Status

   Netflix’s growing online streaming network has taken 200,000 sq. ft in Hollywood’s infamous Icon Office Tower.  This next step for Netfix will insure them amongst top Hollywood production and distribution studios as they will be taking over the original Warner Bros. Studios location.  The 200,000 sq. feet location is the largest contract ever signed […]

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Netflix Makes Move Towards the Oscars

Netflix’s signature red envelopes could turn into another type of envelope by next fall. The streaming giant acquired Idris Elba’s “Beast of no Nation” for $12 million, distribution rights and a theatrical release. In order for “Beast of No Nation” to qualify for the Academy’s Award season there must not be a non theatrical release […]

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Netflix Takes Pick at Sundance

Netflix Takes Pick at Sundance Pun intended. Netflix picks up Rashida Jones produced documentary, “Hot Girls Wanted”.  The daughter of SuperProducer, Quincy Jones platformed her documentary at Sundance Film Festival. The film’s directors Jill Bauer and Ronna Gradus also served as producers along with writer and editor Brittany Huckabee. “Hot Girls Wanted” takes on the […]

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Five Films: Well Heeled Hookers

From Holly Golightly to Vivian Ward, cinematic streetwalkers always seem to have the best clothes. But there’s more to stylish trick-turning than just Breakfast at Tiffany’s and Pretty Woman. Here are five more examples, all streaming right now. Diary of a Lost Girl (1929) Synopsis: Thymian (Louise Brooks) is a young girl living a posh […]

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