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Award Winning Images for HBO, WB, and Turner

Creative markets, media conglomerates, and image conscious minds all influence what we call socio-economic behaviors and trends. This year the NAACP recognized WB, HBO, and Turner for their accomplishments in TV, Music, Literature and film. That also includes groups that promote social justice through creative endeavors. It is as important in 2014 as in the […]

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Actor’s Prerequisite To Big Screen Success: Writing?

This past decade has seen an influx of both screenwriters transiting into acting and actors writing their way into Hollywood roles. Hanks, Affleck, Rogen, and Perry are just a few names who have earned both acting and writing. Its not new to Hollywood, the actor/writer dynamic but the level at which these talented people are […]

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Entourage: The Movie Gets Green Light. Let’s Go!

There seems to be a pattern here. Make a long running hit on HBO; i.e. Sex in the City or Entourage, you choose and receive an automatic Big Screen Hit. At least that’s what Warner Brothers Pictures is thinking. After eight enlightening seasons of Hollywood fame, agency heaven, fast cars, and kush; Doug Ellin will […]

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