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Could Designers be Seeing More Color Campaigns? Black as the New Black!

Fashion has been lacking color more specifically black models in their runway shows and campaigns, but will it ever really change. Top model Cindy Bruna is definitely making sure she plays her part. Bruna has been a force on the runway this past season as well as a beacon of hope for colorful aspirations in […]

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(Exclusive) Underneath the Sheets And On The Surface w/ A Victoria’s Secret Photo Retoucher

Style601.com Editor-in-Chief, Cedric Armand, gets a minute to chat with Victoria’s Secret about some inside tips about retouching! Victoria’s Secret is home to the sexiest models and sexiest lingerie. Ohio based, Victoria’s Secret, is the largest retailer of intimate apparel to date and infamous for their Catalogs and Annual Fashion Show. Victoria’s Secret Inhouse Retoucher […]

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