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Online Fashion Mags Emerging as Alternative to Print

Style No. 601 a luxury brand focusing on niche film+fashion is founded by, Supermodel/Screenwriter/Producer, Cedric Armand. “After leaving BCBGMAXAZRIA as a stylist I created Style601.com aka Style No. 601 with the help of Creative Director Camilla Behrens who also serves as graphic designer for AG Jeans” “My first thoughts were to create an experience for […]

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NYFW Designers Still Prefer Caucasian Models Over Non-Whites

Imaging and branding for fashion designers have been as influential as the designs themselves. Jenna Sauers, a writer for the popular feminist blog Jezebel, has been analyzing and reporting on the racial diversity of models at New York Fashion Week starting Fall 2008. Reports show a mere four percent change from 2008 until now. Thirteen to Seventeen […]

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(Updated) Is H&M High Fashion Street?

Hemmes & Mauritz AB’s sales decline in the highly competitive High Fashion Street Market. H&M isn’t new to fashion but there are a few brands that may cause a few more looks. H&M on the other hand has just opened 327 new stores to increase sales. Zara, Gap, and Uniqlo all have seen increase in […]

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Style Tips From Style601: Layering

Style601.com, a leading niche film+fashion blog, likes to invite our readers to Style601 style tips. On occasion we’ll feature quaint tips that you can transition into your wardrobe. Layering. Yes. Spring is here but, that does mean you can’t be stylish by layering your t-shirts for a simple and easy way to dress up your […]

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Gucci Opens Sixth Men’s Only Store in Sao Paulo

 Franco Plays Host At New Gucci Store A growing economy and the world’s seventh largest economy by purchasing power parity has surely gotten the attention of Major Luxury Brand Gucci. Brazil’s Sao Paulo is officially Gucci’s new home to its sixth men’s store and who else is better to fete the new store other than […]

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