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Does Hollywood Accurately Pick its Film Hits?

With the current success of Black Panther. How does Hollywood know which films to produce and release? Studios have scoring systems in place but do they work? Style 601 explores studio scoring and big screen hits vs misses. Hollywood has a multitude of Studios. There’s Paramount, Warner Bros., Universal, MGM, Marvel, Lionsgate, Legendary, Sony Pictures, […]

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Lionsgate Billions the Box Office Domestically and Oversees a Year Over

This year marks the second year in a row Lionsgate takes a Billion at the Box Office Domestically and Internationally. Executives have been swooning over China’s marketplace as a remote destination to achieve mega sales as apart of studios international strategy. Lionsgate has taken advantage with hits “Hunger Games: Catching Fire” and Summit Entertainment sleeper […]

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International Sales Drive Hollywood’s Fox Studios To First Place

International sales remain a hot topic in Hollywood. Fox’s international strategy has earned them the top spot thus far as 2013’s top international earner with 1 billion in sales. Fox’s top features include “Life of Pi” with 260 million, “A Good Day To Die Hard” with $235 million, and “The Croods” with $225 million. In […]

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