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Motivation Inspires Dreams (Serena Williams + Beats Audio)

Never have I seen such dedication, drive, and excellence come from one individual. It’s amazing how Serena Williams continues to move us with each appearance she makes; each victory she performs. Not too many women have ever made a presence as she has. Since 17 she’s owned her place. And kept it. Dr Dre’s and […]

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Are Fablets (Phablets) Luxury or Just Plain Necessary?

What are Phablets? Phone+Tablets. There’s been a debate on the size and user friendliness of phones as compared to the 8 in. tablets. Smartphones are ranging somewhere between 3.5 inches to a little over four inches. This new Fablet craze is seemingly a larger smartphone around 5 or more inches but less than the smaller […]

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Burberry CEO Angela Ahrendts Talks Current and Future Growth at Burberry

Angela Ahrendts takes us through Burberry’s Interim Report November 2013 and focuses on their positive outlook and growth strategy including Womenswear and Men’s Accessories! As CEO Angela Ahrendts has lifted Burberry’s brand significantly in all areas she is sure to have the same impact at Apple! Spy Burberry’s Interim Report November 2013 Below!

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Fashion Meets Technology: Burberry’s Angela Ahrendts and Apple Computers

Fashion has inherently seen some of the most creative minds in the world’s history. Influence in culture, politics, and now the future’s technology landscape will all have seen fashion’s ability to drive success and define society. Khristina Schake left her White House position shaping the image of the Obama Administration to take over as Global […]

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Sony Vies For Content with Viacom and Cable Providers

Sony’s online strategy takes form with Viacom and perhaps cable providers. Cbs’ hold out with Time Warner has power players like Sony looking to expand their ability to distribute content via Sony Playstation devices and TVs. Sony has already struck a tentative deal with Viacom to bring cable channels like Nickelodeon and Comedy Central to […]

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