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I’m sadden to announce that in 2010 I lost one of my great friends. Unfortunately it has been traumatic experience for me and those who knew Jayson Barnes. Jayson discovered he had stage 4 bone cancer after he started to experience pain in his knee following his usual weekly exercise at a local gym. The news was so shocking that he decided to spare everyone by only telling his family.

I’ve personally known Jayson since we were in the 7th grade. Since I have no siblings he was someone I could consider to be the closest thing to a brother. I was unaware of Jayson’s illness until about a week after his funeral. I’m still very numb to his passing and have struggled in communicating this lost.

The only way for me to truly honor my great friend is to make him a permanent part of my life.

With the success of Style No. 601 I’ve decided to create a non profit and donate a percentage of Style No. 601’s revenues.

This non-profit will focus on education, prevention, and advancing treatment for the cure of Bone Cancer and other Cancerous diseases.

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