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T-Pain Shows That He has Talent Beyond The Auto-Tune Era

Sound altering technique, auto tune, has been popularized for nearly a decade but how much has it takening over as an artist’s talent? That maybe an industry topic that can be critiqued and examined for ages to come. Hip hop has seen a movement led by artist T-Pain who has made a living from using […]

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5 Videos — The R’s and B’s of Grunge

Want further proof of grunge’s pop culture takeover? Then take a gander at these 90s R&B music videos.   While the grunge music scene had been simmering in the Pacific Northwest since the late 80s, it really landed into the international public consciousness in the fall of 1991 with the release of Nirvana’s Nevermind. The […]

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Andre Benjamin x Jimi Hendrix

  Qualities distinguished by one element or another separates the greats from the legendary. To be a member of OutKast already speaks to a degree of separation and yet to take on a role that transcends that distinction is to become legendary. Andre 3000’s futuristic talents couldn’t have been a better choice for the highly […]

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Set Life: MTV Networks Sr. Stylist Alana Kelen Talks TV Fashion + Personal Style

Alana Kelen is a brilliant woman, who has made a name for herself through her incredible work styling many different people as part of her work as the MTV Senior Stylist. She talked to us a little bit about her work, and also about how her own individual style has developed over the years. Although […]

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Tito Lopez + Dr. Dre Freestyle Session

Dr. Dre artist Tito Lopez represents for the Gulf Coast. Check him out in Dre’s kitchen. Man this guy can go. Great fit for Aftermath. Will Dre be the greatest hip hop producer ever? He definitely knows how to pick up talent.  

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