Does Hollywood Accurately Pick its Film Hits?

With the current success of Black Panther. How does Hollywood know which films to produce and release? Studios have scoring systems in place but do they work? Style 601 explores studio scoring and big screen hits vs misses.


Hollywood has a multitude of Studios. There’s Paramount, Warner Bros., Universal, MGM, Marvel, Lionsgate, Legendary, Sony Pictures, Disney, Dreamworks, Fox — then there’s the independents Republic Pictures, Tyler Perry Studios, Monogram Pictures, Grand National, etc.

As fans we love great movies that make us laugh, cry, think, or get us excited(not at the same time:)). Studios have a few other things to consider when making their decision, like script, crew, financing, and overall packaging.

What do those elements equate to? Money. Studios small and big spend millions on film production, marketing, ancillary, and other expenses. That money has to be made in sales. Big sales usually.


Slated, a platform for filmmaking and financing uses analytics to help studios and producers access which projects will be hits and financiers decide which projects they should invest in.

Over the last 20 months Slated has scored 70 movies predicting 8 out 9 hits and 41 out 48 misses. Correspondingly, large financiers investing in Stated Projects are achieving alpha at 110%-240% above a market index of 6%.

With Slated’s system the most common short fall is script score then team score, followed by finance. Slated qualified 24 out of 70 projects that were produced leaving many in question. Out of the questionable projects Slated predicted 41 out of 48 as a miss.

Clearly Hollywood sees sucess with high production films like the Marvel genre but overall Hollywood does not see a great return on films produced.

With all the Hollywood misses it leaves a lot a pressure on the major $100m+ films to see great returns. Luckily for Hollywood it’s been record breaking in the tune to billions.

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