Hannah Ferguson Lights up S.I Swimsuit in Turks and Caicos


Hannah Ferguson is one of the hottest new additions to the  S.I. Swim family and her recent shoot in Turk and Caicos is one of the hottest we have ever seen!

S.I. Swimsuit recently launched their app in conjunction with their 2016 Swimsuit Edition, what we didn’t expect to get was some of the hottest images we’ve ever seen with Hannah Ferguson.

S.I. did not hold back on this one. The images were perfect. The model, wardrobe, location, direction, and especially the poses. In our opinion this shoot should be ranked amongst the best all-time. They truly captured the spirit of S.I. Swim and why they are the top editorial swimsuit brand for designers, models, and fashion.

James Macari was commissioned to shoot the new bombshell in Turks and Caicos  …while a collection of bikini designers got the call for wardrobe. A few include Lybethras, Maggie May Swimwear, Blue Life Swim, Heidi Fish, MilkBabyBikini, Mikoh, and Lulu Fama Swimwear. Team S.I. Swim continues to amaze and prove why they are the pinnacle of launching the careers of some of the most successful models in the business.

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More images are available at Swim Daily

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