Style Fabrication: 3D Printing (Field Guided)


Fabrication is a key component to fashion design and manufacturing. Something so simple as texture can change your favorite shirt or pants into an exquisite statement piece that’s taken straight from the runway. Designers are always sourcing for new fabrics and organics are a big deal as sustainability remains a hot topic.

Electroloom, 3D print maker, is making sustainability more of a reality with its electrospinning process also known as Field Guided Fabrication. 3D printing isn’t exactly new but developing processes like Electroloom is surely going to change the way we manufacture goods.

Right now Electroloom’s Field Guided Fabricaion Process allows for seamless fabric printing on demand. Design in CAD, Mold it, Put your design in Electroloom, Watch the magic. Once the process is complete pull your fabric from the mold.

Of course it doesn’t happen overnight, but you get the picture right. Actually a print can take 15-16 hours to complete. Will this process supersede the traditional manufacturing process? Will designers adopt this new process?

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