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The Jill Lindsey in Brooklyn is part boutique, part coffee bar, and 100% pure love.jill-lindsay-boutique-brooklyn

Lesser-known than Bedford Avenue in Williamsburg, Myrtle Avenue in Fort Greene/ Clinton Hill, Brooklyn is a bustling little shopping and entertainment district stocked up on lively bars, cozy coffee shops, and charming boutiques. Unlike its cousin up north, Myrtle has yet to be spoiled by an overhyped reputation and Hollywood’s blinding spotlight. That means its sidewalks are uncrowded, there are no ‘Portlandia’-style lines for brunch, and dollar stores are still part of the landscape (our love of a good dollar store knows no bounds).

One of the standout shops in the neighborhood is Jill Lindsey. An independent clothing and homewares boutique that doubles as a cafe, Jill Lindsey — eponymously named after its owner — is filled with emerging designer fashions and homemade gifts that you won’t be able to find elsewhere. Much of the merchandise is sourced locally and you’ll also spot Lindsey’s own accessory designs sitting on the shelves. With its exposed brick walls, hardwood floors, and beautifully designed retail space, the shop is a dreamy little sanctuary that is worth a ride on the G-train. Also at Jill Lindsey is a full calendar of special events, from crafting workshops and wine tastings, to taco parties and kids’ sing-alongs (in the backyard!). And while its best to actually visit the store to get the full experience, there is a limited selection of product available on the company website, including Lindsey’s own green and yellow tassele handbag which caught our eye in the store.


All images via JillLindsay.com and Jill Lindsay on Instagram

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  1. June 21, 2015 at 11:44 pm #

    This is so so cute!!! Love how it is a coffee shop AND a boutique. Too bad I live in CA however I am happy that they have a website! Thank you!!

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