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Wearable Tech gets new look with Google and Levi’s Jacuard Denim

Tech clothing seems to be a bit cumbersome, but Google and Levi has got its design technique down to a simple pattern.

Project Jacuard which is what Google’s Advanced Technology and Projects team is calling their newest apparel design based on embedded conductive fibers woven into any woven textiles. Project Jacquard will enable touch screen controls one items like jeans, shirts, jackets, and underwear.
Imagine swiping your jeans to turn on your TV and make phone calls. Well, it’s happening as we speak.
Google supplied by a Japanese Firm makes it possible to weave touch or gesture using conductive fibers. Interactivity could built into anything from apparel, furniture, and carpet with touchscreen like controls. It’s been in the works for 20 plus years already; according to Fashion United and Poupyrev, a technical program lead at Google’s Advanced Technology and Products group.

“What we’ve done is build the interactive element into the textile. We join the yarns with a connector that enables you to connect to a mobile phone or tablet. It’s about size of a regular Levi’s button and includes a power source and Bluetooth connection.”

Also, Google states that other uses could include adding sensor grids to create large interactive surfaces.

While Levi’s is Google’s first partner in Project Jacuard there are other brands that have ventured into apparel technology; Ralph Lauren has a Polo Tech shirt and Opening Ceremony has a phone charging Jacket.
It’s anticipated that Levi’s will have Jacquard Denim ready to showcase A/W ’16.

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