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Saus+Chop #Procrastinate to LJIFFF

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How does anyone get work done if all they do is #Procrasitnate! La Jolla’s lastest selection “#Procrastinatebysju” hopes that your next creative block inspires your best work.

Directors Tegan and Jody, also known as Saus+Chop, are a based out of London and have been collaborating since 2012. It was Berlin in 2013 were they decided to put together an experimental short film “Examine it to Better Purpose” based on Edgar Allan Poe that got them the exposure they needed. Their short film was screened at the Eighth European Independent Film Festival in 2014.

Saus+Chop’s current work involves the promotion of their friend and independent hat designer,London based BySju, for her new collection.

Last year they began to brainstorm and came up the project “#Procrastinatebysju” .

La Jolla International Fashion Film Festival will be screening Saus+Chop’s latest project in July. We know everyone has a ton of goals that’s why we want everyone to check out #Procrastinatebysju maybe you’ll stop and gets something done!

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