Director Markus K. Jones gets ready for “Nights Fits” at La Jolla

Seasoned Fashion Film director Markus K. Jones wants us to know that no man is safe in a well tailored suit.

Alex Lundqvist and Anastasia Safonov

“Night Fits” the director’s follow up to his 2011 Best Director showing.

In this year’s IFFF entry Alex Lundquist is the unsuspecting victim to a most heinous fashion crime. Classified as a Thriller, Markus K. Jones used a common incident in New York nightlife as inspiration.

“A waitress spills red wine across the lapel of a well-dressed man’s suit. A ten thousand dollar suit.

Ten thousand? That would be hilarious if someone jumped him for it’. He probably wouldn’t easily give it up. He was proud of the tailoring. ‘What would he do?’”

Alex Lundquist in a tailored ten thousand dollar suit would need nothing short of a bodyguard. It would be no wonder if his attacker or attackers were female. In “Night Fits” Alex is simply distracted by a stunning Anastasia Safonov (Wilhemina Models) while Actor Ben Curtis (Dell) and Grayson Gettys (Wilhemina Models, Micheal Kors) goes for the suit.

Full Cast during confrentation

Markus K. Jones’ “Nights Fits” was orginally produced for Client Magazine. Check out the film and let us know what you think. Will there be another Best Director Award for the voguish director?

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