The Prada pre-fall 2015 campaign is smoking and my cup has over flown with fashion romance, however I’m not sure if it’s the pictures or the Prada accessories along with the intimate details. I have not posted up all the shots from the campaign as the ones below for me are full of details, its like looking in the window of a shop and your eyes just meet with the intricate details.  I think it could be the strong pops of tartan-esque  plaid prints. Oh gosh pick me up of the floor, seriously it’s so strong but yet so appealing. The fourth image I’m sure the gloves resemble oven gloves!!! Yes, however the green fabric looks like high-shined snakeskin. The little black dress designed with the cut-out back and bow-tie detail is matched with a hat, gloves and bag.
The details as I said should be probing you to look at new ways of wearing items you already have. I can pick out a few right now;
1: The high neck shirt with ribbon tied in a bow, the bag also has the same print as the shirt. 
2: Matching the print on your shirt with your bag and gloves 
3: Bow ties
4: Pops of exotic fabrics or texture never hurt nobody 
Taking the scarf as an example imagine new ways you could be decorating your neck. (That’s another blag post)

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