Boycotts Within Fashion – Do They Hurt?

I have to start this blag post with a big sigh, as I write about the the latest boycott in fashion, nevertheless, this time its not Dolce & Gabbana. If you didn’t hear about the D&G Boycott here’s the rundown, the designing duo was interviewed by Italian magazine Panorama. Panorama asked various to which they replied giving their own personal opinions. Here’s the transcript from the interview with Panorama Magazine, Mr Dolce said, that procreation ‘should be an act of love’, further stating: ‘You are born and you have a father and mother. At least it should be like that. That’s why I’m not convinced by what I call chemical children, synthetic babies.‘They are wombs for hire, semen chosen from a catalogue. And then you have to explain to these children who their mother is.’Domenico Dolce said: ‘I am gay. I cannot have a child. I don’t believe that you can have everything in life.’ Mr Gabbana added: ‘The family is not a fad. It is a supernatural sense of belonging.’
The duo sharing their own personal opinion didn’t go down well with Sir Elton John, Victoria Beckham, Madonna, Courtney Love and of course some of the gay commuinty and organisations fighting for human rights.
Stefano Gabbana and Domenico Dolce
Sir Elton who has two boys with his husband David from a surrogate mother fired back saying: “How dare you refer to my beautiful children as ‘synthetic’? “And shame on you for wagging you judgemental little fingers at IVF… a miracle that has allowed legions of loving people, both straight and gay, to fulfil their dream of having children.“Your archaic thinking is out of step with the times, just like your fashions.“I shall never wear Dolce and Gabbana ever again. #BoycottDolceGabbana.”


Sir Elton John called for the Boycotting of Dolce & Gabbana using the hashtag #BoycottDolce&Gabbana, no doubt this called a frenzy, with Stefano Gabbana defending their actions and words via his Instagram account. Over, 60 thousand people jumped on the bandwagon supporting Elton John and using the hashtag to show support. Stefano certainly wasn’t going to take this lying down and when I found out about this I contacted him to ask what was going on to which he replied; Hi Natalie, I see everything I think this people have really bad attitude with fascist mind. No tolerance about who have different opinion….But I don’t care! Very stupid, Very ignorant. 😘😘😘 
Fans including myself decided to support Freedom of Speech using the hashtag #JesuisD&G and #BoycottEltonJohn. The Boycotting of D&G became hilarious when Sir Elton John was photographed carrying a white Dolce&Gabbana bag the very next day after making his statement, nevertheless his agent issued a statement declaring “the bag had Elton’s lunch in it”.

Elton John In LA carrying a Dolce&Gabbana bag the very next day
The word boycott is frequently used these days within fashion the latest to wear the boycott hat is Cosmopolitan Magazine. They recently came under fire for an article 21 Beauty Trends That Need to Die in 2015, as they stupidly used “R.I.P.” vs Hello, Gorgeous!” The magazine has been dubbed as racist because they opted to use a handful of women of colour to represent the “R.I.P.” beauty photos.
The photos basically indicated the beauty trends that they believed needed to die in 2015, the article was published in January 2015, but came back like a black cloud in the sky. (no pun intended)
Model Joan Smalls tweeted; @joansmalls: Really??? @Cosmopolitan What are you trying to imply … #Tasteless #ThinkbeforeYouPost #Unfollowing Along with @joansmalls: #IDFWU #Tacky #TakeResponsibility bet your wondering what IDFWU means? I don’t fuck with you.
Cosmopolitan updated the article with an editorial note: This article focuses on beauty trends with images that represent those trends. Some images have been taken out of context, and we apologize for any offense. Celebrating all women is our mission, and we will continue to work hard to do that.”


I literally sat up trying to locate the first ever boycott within fashion, as I thought this would add a great twist to this blag post. Rest assured I won’t give up searching, in spite of this let me share my opinion. Just take the D&G vs Elton John situation, is the world becoming full of watered down opinions, as enforcers push for boycotts if they don’t agree with your personal opinion? Hence a boycott is a punitive action that destroys the person or their business possibly even both. Are collectives out to destroy anyone who holds different opinions? Should D&G feel empowered to express their personal opinion? Has this incident silenced other fashion houses from ever giving their true personal opinions?

Back to the Cosmopolitan Boycott I identify that the images certainly offended women of colour. I did tweet them asking ‘when you had a meeting with editors to agree on the “21 Beauty Trends That Need to Die in 2015” why didn’t they recognise that it would cause offence? I totally understand they wanted to showcase new trends, as out with the old, in with the new, but why not just use trends from the previous runway shows or even street-style shots? Strong sanctions should be used against magazines that internalise racism in such a way. My mind is shagging me with questions, how would we know if the people who shout Boycott really do. Would magazines even share how a boycott affected their sales and demographically reach. Plus think about it this way is it not show business? Those who never knew of D&G or Cosmopolitan certainly would want to find out what the noise was about. After all bad press, or good press is still press!!!!
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder meaning – the perception of beauty is subjective.(

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