Independent Filmakers Could Lose Territory with New Exclusivity Law


Independent Filmakers could lose territory with new exclusivity law.

The opportunity to pre sale to 28 different territories gives the Independent filmmaker good reason to produce a narrative with sucess.

Most larger studios contract smaller distribution with operations in one to many territories. In fact, they like it that way. I mean why not. Filmakers have a hard enough time negotiating domestically and for each territory their’s independence and control over their own market.


European Commission President, Jean Claude Junker, wants to get rid of territory exclusivity and break down “national silos”‘ according to Scott Roxborough of the Hollywood Reporter.

It ultimately a territorial copyright issue. The new copyright law would give Europeans access to content wherever they are across borders. The digital market would then favor a buyers market who would be interested in paying for content from other countries.

Sounds like right.

Independent Filmakers, however are arguing that without territorial exclusivity they would not be able to presale films which account for 30 to 60 percent of a film’s budget.

I guess the bottom line is there really wouldn’t be much content without the independent territories, so Europeans may like the idea of accessing content across borders but will there be content to access?

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