YSL + Halston + 1970s

FIT’s disco-era showcase featuring the work of YSL and Halston is hot stuff (baby).

This week, I finally got to see ‘Yves Saint Laurent + Halston: Fashioning the 70s‘ presented by the Museum at FIT. Backed by a disco hits soundtrack (and accented with a spinning mirror ball), is a showcase of 100 outfits and accessories created by two of the most celebrated names in fashion. As the title suggests, the program focuses on the breadth of their work throughout the 1970s, the decade in which they were at their peaks, both as designers and as celebrities.

The main takeaway from “Fashioning” is that Yves Saint Laurent and Halston were a lot more similar than you might think. They seem like polar opposites: the Parisian who favored extravagant bohemian finery and the minimalist American who worked in fluid bias-cut jersey. (They were even rivals at the famous Versailles runway extravaganza of 1973.) But just walking through the exhibit, you realize that wasn’t always true. Because, as FIT notes, many of the pieces were so similar that it is hard to distinguish who the designer was without peeking at the label. To really emphasize this point, curators paired similar YSL and Halston looks together throughout the exhibit space. You learn that Saint Laurent created some amazing things with silk jersey and Halston often worked with prints and embellishment. Each installation explores a different mood, displaying how the designers interpreted themes like menswear, exoticism, and evening. Without a doubt, the show is breathtaking and made me weak in the knees. That black cut-out Halston jumpsuit? The YSL lettuce edge metallic mini? *fanning self*

But don’t take my word for it. The show has got two more weeks to go (it closes April 18th), so try to get to over to FIT to see it in person. For anyone who can’t make it, the next best thing is the online exhibition.

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