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Iconic sixties fashion house Courrèges is back to the future with a new makeup collection from Estée Lauder.


André Courrèges was one of the defining designers of the 1960s. His daring combination of geometric silhouettes and futuristic materials helped revolutionize the way women dressed. While Courrèges has always stayed in the hearts and minds of 60s fashion lovers, there has been a broader renewed interest in his work over the past few years. In 2011, the rights to his name were bought by a pair of French ad execs Jacques Bunjert and Frédéric Torloting who thought it was time for a Courrèges revival. This has led to new boutiques, fresh clothing and accessories lines (which include updated versions on those iconic vinyl moto jackets, logo satchels, and goggle glasses), and the relaunch of its 1983 fragrance, Courrèges in Blue.

And now, Courrèges is entering the world of cosmetics with a 12-piece make-up collection for Estée Lauder. The range feature powders, highlighters, and glosses meant to echo the space aged lightness of the brand’s design legacy. Mod-era throwbacks include the ‘Ultra White Eyeliner’ and ‘Super Lashes’ and iridescent “Eye Emplifier’ shadows in mint green and charcoal black. The “Lip Visors” nod to the famous Courrèges sunglasses, one in a particular shade of orangey-red red that looks straight from the designers’s 1966 collection. All of the packaging is completely circular, with spheres, balls, and cylinders that look good enough to display.

See how the new line relates to the Courrèges of yore with this vintage footage, below (turn the volume way up for sound).

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