Netflix Makes Move Towards the Oscars

beasts-of-no-nation-style601Netflix’s signature red envelopes could turn into another type of envelope by next fall. The streaming giant acquired Idris Elba’s “Beast of no Nation” for $12 million, distribution rights and a theatrical release.
In order for “Beast of No Nation” to qualify for the Academy’s Award season there must not be a non theatrical release prior to public distribution.
Cary Fukunaga gets the producing and screenwriting credit while Participant and Red Crown executive produced the $6 million dollar budget film.
While Netlfix is hoping for an Oscar campaign several major theater chains are refusing to show the film because its release strategy goes against the traditional 90 day period between release and home entertainment release. Many non-compete theater chains are showing the film in support of Netflix’s streaming option. This could be a black swan for the film industry as streaming has become a viable option for release. Sony even used it to support the release of the controversial political comedy “The Interview” with success.
Could Netflix see a Oscar campaign with Fukunaga’s “Beast of No Nation”?

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