CHANEL Presents Paris-Salzburg 2014/15 Métiers d’Art collection and Reincarnation Film

CHANEL Presents Paris-Salzburg 2014/15 Métiers d’Art collection and Reincarnation Film



Ooh wow, the rumour mill was in full motion about Happy producer/singer Pharrell Williams and British model Cara Delevingne making sweet music together. Golly, I even remember reading the article, Chanel’s latest short film merges both music greatness and one of fashion greats.

Reports last month stated that Cara Delevingne was making sweet music with Pharrell and that both were to star in an upcoming Chanel film. It’s the perfect fashion and music merge; Pharrell loves fashion and pulls of some of the best style trends like no other; then Cara is one of the most sought after British fashion models. Karl Lagerfeld reins as the Godfather of Fashion who doesn’t shy away from his actions or his over-the-top fashion films that promote Chanel.
Watch the mini film here as Chanel has unveiled a teaser
of “Reincarnation” to promote its Paris-Salzburg 2014/15 Métiers d’Art collection, which will be shown in Salzburg on Dec. 2. This is the runway show that both Cara Delevingne and Kendall Jenner cancelled on Victoria Secret to walk for Chanel.

The Story: Chanel’s history the story of Geraldine Chapin as Gabrielle Chanel on holiday in Salzburg, gathering inspiration on possibly what today has become Chanel’s iconic jacket. Funny how designers find beauty in the strangest of things Coco was apparently intrigued by the outerwear of a hotel bell boy. Watch the full video below:





Cara and Pharrell act out the story of a reincarnated Austrian emperor and empress, who comes alive from a painting. Pharrell composed and wrote the song “CC the World“, both are to be the faces of the campaign for the collection, which will be shot by Karl Lagerfeld. You can watch the full video December 1st at CHANEL.


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