The Hack vs The Threat: Censored Content or The Truth Exposed About Hollywood Studio Sony Pictures (Part2)

Sony’s Biggest PR Scare has White House’s Interest

The Threat

imageTechnology is at the heart of the world’s government, economics, and every day lives. Everyone respects a Blackhat because they’re able to access just about everything and essentially is a member of a secret society of intelligence and information.

To access one of America’s top movie studios, Sony Pictures with today’s technology in an attempt to expose top executives and leak films isn’t that hard. Films get stolen and leaked all the time. Not to mention the millions of records that are leaked or pirated.

Truthfully this threat could have been a marketing strategy?

Then again,  in today’s world where terrorism isn’t exactly uncommon, threating American citizens could be a serious National Security matter.

We’re the warnings from GOP actually a threat or just a repercussion to idiot filmmaking?

There are tons of subject matters to touch on in filmmaking other than a satirical comedy about a planned assasination against a communist country’s leader.

What a goof! A costly one for Sony who has to account not only for a financial lost but also one of leadership. Those racist emails really ruffled feathers.

As it turns out it’s been reported that those crazy hackers weren’t from North Korea and the Sony Hack is suspected to be an inside job.

Calm down Mr. President there’s no need to start another crisis. However, according to The Hollywood Reporter, President Obama has authorized sanctions against North Korea.

The Obama administration says the sanctions affect three North Korean entities, including a government intelligence agency and a North Korean arms dealer. The U.S. is also sanctioning 10 individuals who work for those entities or the North Korean government.

Those sanctioned are barred from using the U.S. financial system, and Americans are prohibited from doing business with them.

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