The Hack vs The Threat: Censored Content or the Truth Exposed about Hollywood Studio Sony Pictures (Part1)


What’s the debate about? There are two separate issues with the Sony Pictures Hack.

The Hack

Executives at Sony Pictures have a debate over corporate email showing racial biases unrelated to the company’s bottom line. Those emails were presented by the media as a primary concern not just because of the current concern of extreme racial profiling but also because studio executives were profiling the president. (Both Shonda Rimes and Kevin Heart expressed the lack of taste in Amy Pascal’s email exchange)

“Calling Sony comments”racially insensitive remarks” instead of “racist”? U can put a cherry on a pile of sh*t but it don’t make it a sundae,” the Scandalshowrunner wrote on her Twitter account on Thursday afternoon, according to THR

Not only were top Sony executives  exposed but also the personal information of thousands of Sony’s employees. Leading to three class action lawsuits regarding the protection of privacy.

Five films were also leaked which included “The Interview” and “Annie”

Recently reported in the hack were plans to reestablish nonlegislative arguments for SOPA against the Internet ‘s leading tech company Google by several major studios including Sony.


This hack is all about politics. Everything from race, gender equality, freedom of speech, and global relations. It has exposed America’s current systematic weaknesses while the White House seems to focus on the fact that North Korea is responsible for bring it to light.

North Korea’s “terrorist attack” isn’t about the U.S. and North Korea it’s about a broken U.S. system that’s trying to shift its focus to a Communist country it can’t control instead of realizing North Korean intelligence  and American media are exposing a broken down American Society.

A Poorly Reviewed Studio Film gets International Stamp of Disapproval.

Much of America is up in arms about North Korea’s ability to influence what is being brought to American theaters as an expression of creativity, art, etc. Unfortunately there are a lot of Hollywood critics that simply agree with the film’s lack of importance. It is a James Franco and Seth Rogen comedy. Is there really a diverse audience for The Interview an industry recognized – mindless expression?

Presidential Opinions

Truth is no one is arguing over the leaked Annie film. Film media isn’t exactly running to Sony’s defense and maybe African Americans are just too used to being profiled to make a difference. Black Lives Matter. Hands Up Don’t Shoot. I Can’t Breathe are the real issues. The real influencers of Hollywood (the media) get it. Most black people don’t have the comfort of the secret service. The Government shouldn’t decide on an audience’s taste especially when the producers of the film do not exactly support the taste of their audiences.

Truth is Sony Pictures has been exposed as a company that shouldn’t be as revered as most would think. We do not approve of film executives making racially offensive comments behind closed doors and creating controversy with one of our allies and exciting a tasteless confrontation. Thankfully it’s been at Sony’s expense.

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