Robot Love

Meet Tikiman and Clocktopia, the latest fashion world heros born from the imagination of Mary Katrantzou.

Darling of the London fashion crowd, designer Mary Katrantzou is known for her maximalist brew of engineered prints and eye-popping color. But while her more, more, more approach to design is still in play for fall ’14, she made a concerted effort to shift away from her signature printwork, trading in graphics for texture in a collection inspired by the somewhat broad theme, ‘signs and symbolism’. Festooned with every sort of emblem imaginable — from metal hearts to military medals to appliqued men’s room insignia — the clothes showcase a surprising regal, tactile quality, a departure for a designer who was always fearless in her use of digital technology.

But while Katrantzou eschewed the digital world when it came to her textiles, she didn’t abandon the medium altogether. Spun off from the collection is ‘The Love of Tikiman & Clocktopia’, a short film about a couple of lovestruck robots whose bodies are pieced-together with symbols, metal gears, and clocks. They’re sort of like Frankenstein-meets-Steampunk in a tropical island paradise. It’s all very charming, and when featured on this seasons accessories, the characters (and their world of symbols and signs) turn otherwise proper fare into cheeky, good fun.

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