Gisele Surbots in Chanel for Chanel NO5 Campaign

Gisele Chanel NO5

Sneak a peek at supermodel Gisele Bünchen in her very own Baywatch scene. It’s certainly hard to miss the Chanel Surfbot as Gisele runs freely showing of her perfect pins on a beach in Fuji where that particular scene was filmed by Baz Luhrmann. Following the Chanel No5 footprints of Nicole Kidman, Marilyn Monroe, Vanessa Paradis and Brad Pitt. As we all know Chanel typically speaks a langauge of deep sultry fashion mixed with high glamour when it comes to their campaigns.

The latest campaign is titled; The one that I want and was filmed in two locations Fuji and New York as Gisele acts out choosing bewteen love and her family over her modelling career. Umm my thoughts so what happened to the Chanel Feminism and the rights of a woman? I think I need to express my views on that collection at some point, I still say it’s all about SHOWISM for Karl as every single magazine focused on the signposts. I also had a very interesting Twitter convo with Susie Bubble after reading her views on the collection, there was also a lot of uproar from Womens Rights organisations.

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