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10714315_356930594465925_1567573324001669151_oIt takes more than a fashionable eye to get the looks that work; it also takes a smart eye for a reasonable buy. Most people think its all about what’s most expensive and don’t get us wrong some brands chose to make a statement with their expensive taste.

However, if you take a moment and make sure you are using both your fashionable eye and your smart eye you can put together looks that says “I’m not afraid to spend money on what works” and still not break the bank. Check out this look on Catherine McNeil. A combination of H&M Studio with accessories by David Yurman and Hermes.

CatherineMcNeil for The Society
Harper’s Bazaar October 2014
“Best Buys”
Photographer: Terry Richardson
Stylist: Joanna Hillman
Hair: Harry Josh
Make-up: Kabuki
Manicure: Flery Rose

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