Cali Escalators Reach $300 Million for Filmmakers


It’s all about location.

Screenwriters get the creative freedom when outlining their story’s plot.

Producers, however, understand the importance if location.


Tax incentives have been a big topic of discussion amongst media producers. What’s the cap? What’s the percentage? Is it post production only?

In an effort to stay competitive and keep film production in California, policy makers have raised the California film tax incentive from $100 million annually to $300 million annually. According to The Wrap, an estimated 8.9 billion was lost to other states with competing tax incentives.

New York treasures $420 million in tax credits. Louisiana, Georgia, and Canada also offer huge incentives. Georgia’s 30 percent with no cap has seen billions in revenue for the state.

California’s incentive is set to begin fiscal 2015-2016 until 2018-2019

Will California maintain Hollywood status? Or will Hollywood move to a town near you?

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