Who’s To Frame???


Many spend lifetimes trying reach the big screen and see there visions become reality; is it just cliche?

What your favorite movie? Who’s the director, producer, actors, etc.? All a significant piece of the puzzle. Yes. But how long did it take to put it all together? Months? Years? Probably the latter. So why do film directors leave hardwork on the table just prior to production. Moviefone put together a list of 11 films that directors left at the last minute. Style 601’s production division has had its ups and downs and it’s important to be successful when you you’re attached to projects because it’s leaves a lasting impression and quite frankly there may not be another opportunity if you fail.

It really take maturity to leave a project you’ve worked on for months or years to save face. Do you have the guts? Check out the 11 films that directors left at the last minute by moviefone.

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