Men’s Style Tips from Style 601: An Industry of Bespoke Style Offerings for Men

Photo Courtesy MY|TRND - French Connection

Photo Courtesy MY|TRND – French Connection

English Bespoke translates ready to wear; stylish men options that will integrate and update any guys wardrobe and keep you comfortable this Spring and Summer

Do you have a favorite shirt, pair of pants, or shoes? Well bespoke style is the reason their your favorite. Designers use this English method originally developed for men to tailor a specific style. Designers take advantage of bespoke styles to differentiate their brand’s product. Your favorite shirt is probably your favorite because of its fit and look. Although bespoke is in contrast to ready to wear, clothes mass manufactured; designers usually start with a bespoke model as a muse then develops their collection based on that tailored pattern. Picture painted? Of course there aren’t any design rules set in stone per se; although there is a governing body over using the term bespoke in advertising via the Advertising Standards Authority in the UK.

Trending fashion and style options can leave most guys wondering what is appropriate and stylish. Style 601 ( has some bespoke style that will help.

Image Courtesy MY|TRND - Hanro

Image Courtesy MY|TRND – Hanro

Let’s start with the classic polo. Polos both long and short sleeve can be worn on any occasion. Pair them with jeans or shorts for a casual day at the park or for lunch. Wear them underneath any jacket or blazer for a more dressed up look at dinner or a meeting.

For many designers Polos are a staple i.e. Ralph Lauren and Lacoste. You can find them at retailers like Kohls, Banana Republic, or Macy’s.

Florals are in this season so get a nice floral print polo some cargo shorts and sandals and enjoy the pool or beach this summer!

Polos are pretty easy to introduce and update into any wardrobe so easy that it’s not uncommon to have several in different styles and colors.

Since it’s the Spring/Summer season we can also add some cool tanks to help show off a masculine silhouette and keep cool and comfortable. Yes, tanks are stylish and you can layer them when your not enjoying the outdoor weather. Add plenty of tanks to your wardrobe to make a statement this season!

Finally complete your look with a nice sneaker, loafer, or sandal. Style 601 recommends loafers this season but that doesn’t mean it’s a must its all about bespoke so if your prefer a pair of Jordan’s or Birkenstocks please be saucy.

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