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A working actress has plenty of work to do if she wants to land those coveted principal roles; that’s why Onika Day is considered Hollywood Cast. I met Onika a while ago and had a chance to chat with her recently about working life as an actress and you’d be surprised at how her kindness and genuineness seemlessly transitions into a perfect role call as an actress.

Be it this primetime tv show or that one Onika manages to deliver line after line proving herself as a Hollywood gem that’s been set apart from the rest. We recognized Onika’s humble beginnings appearing in Tupac’s Live and Die in LA and taking snapshots with childhood friend, MTV’s Sway.

So how does Onika Day keep her acting chops? Well let’s find out.

“I don’t think there is such thing as “perfect” chops. I think we all strive to be, but I discover that the more you work, there’s always more to learn. Class, reading, watching everything that comes out, knowing your abilities, listening…”

Onika’s resume includes recurring roles on Law and Order, Dexter, Blue Bloods, and Orange Is The New Black which has helped Onika become recognized amongst many fellow actors, directors, and producers. Onika’s hard work, talent, and dedication makes her Style 601’s Hollywood Cast! Thanks Onika for chatting. Wishing you all he best on your future projects!

Check out Onika at OnikaDay.com for more on this Hollywood Cast!

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