Will Jimmy Choo Become the Next Billion Dollar Fashion IPO?

Photo credit: Fashionbi 24/7

Photo credit: Fashionbi 24/7

Michael Kors and Vince have already proven Fashion and Luxury brands do well with Wall Street; so well Jimmy Choo is contemplating  to offer a minority stake.

In 2011, luxury conglomerate, Labelux bought Jimmy Choo for $850M. Not exactly a small amount money, however, Labelux wants to expand the brand into areas like Asia and diversify its product line. It’s been reported that Jimmy Choo’s valuation is estimated at 1.7B.

There’s no official announcement on an IPO but sources say it will be similiar to what LVMH is doing with Marc Jacobs. Jimmy Choo’s parent company will remain in control.

Fashion is proving itself as viable investment in Wall Street it could mean more widespread interest. Did someone say “Expansion”?

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