Indie Film “Best Kept Secret” Completes Financing

Docu-styled films have a growing audience with filmmakers understanding their ability to capture real life stories in way that allows us to connect directly with the subject of the film.


“Best Kept Secret” has completed a major milestone to sharing their message and uncovering truths about autism. Best Kept Secret isn’t just the title of this film it’s the slogan at Newark, New Jersey’s JFK High School.

According to Slated, in this film we experience

…a JFK teacher struggles to help her students with autism survive in a brutal world. What is it like to be a young adult with autism? What is it like to be their teacher? What happens to these students after graduation? BEST KEPT SECRET is an intimate, dramatic, and very personal look into the world of a teacher and her students with autism in one high school classroom in Newark, New Jersey.

This film should shed a tremendous light on autism as when we saw the trailer we immediately felt the impact of this underserved group. After viewing this trailer we guarantee you will too!

Keep an eye out for “Best Kept Secret” it’s sure to touch every home and heart! Executive Produced by Scott Mossier (Good Will Hunting)

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