Award Winning Images for HBO, WB, and Turner


Creative markets, media conglomerates, and image conscious minds all influence what we call socio-economic behaviors and trends. This year the NAACP recognized WB, HBO, and Turner for their accomplishments in TV, Music, Literature and film. That also includes groups that promote social justice through creative endeavors.

It is as important in 2014 as in the 1960s for social harmony and progress to exist. Over the past decade the US and the global economy has experienced a viral economic break down that has also sent our social makeup into outer space.

It is increasingly challenging for audiences to distinguish a brands message; its almost like walking into the manufacturer’s warehouse before packaging. The internet has become a platform for millions of unbranded media outlets that influence culture in way that wasn’t available ten years ago.

A strong emphasis on brand communication from the top media companies is invaluable as a means to define interest amongst audiences and to develop direction for the next generation of media influencers for both the creators and the society we live in. Distinction would be the single most identifier.

As a social leader for activism the NAACP has been recognizing people and groups since 1967 and just like the Oscars and Grammy’s the 35 categories are voted on by its members.

We at Style 601 congratulate WB, HBO, and Turner for their commitment to image and progress!

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