Are Fablets (Phablets) Luxury or Just Plain Necessary?

What are Phablets? Phone+Tablets. There’s been a debate on the size and user friendliness of phones as compared to the 8 in. tablets. Smartphones are ranging somewhere between 3.5 inches to a little over four inches. This new Fablet craze is seemingly a larger smartphone around 5 or more inches but less than the smaller version of tablets at around 7 or 8 inches.

Why a Fablet? Well Fablets have the functionality of Smartphone with the user friendliness of a tablet meaning you get a better experience and more production. The Mobile World Congress held in Barcelona, Spain this year introduced the LG Optimus G Pro 2 with a 5.9 inch screen an inch less than the Nexus 7 labeling it as Phablet. Two other Phablets were also announced in Spain one being the MediaPad X1 with an enormous 7 inch display which seemingly makes it more tablet than phone with all the communication capabilities from 4G LTE. While the newest Phablets have yet to hit the States; the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is the fiercest option available.

We are still Apple users at S 601 so well have to wait to see what happens regarding the rumors of a larger iPhone coming this September. It’s necessary!

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