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Louis Vuitton The Art of Their Travels

Louis Vuitton shows the world the art of travelling their way the only way!!! Models Edie Campbell and Karen Elson take home in South Africa amongst a collection of the cutest wild animals and tons of Louis Vuitton baggage.

The Art of Travel campaign was styled by CR FASHION BOOK and my idol Carine Roitfeld with the scenes shot by Peter Lindbergh. The whole idea is to capture “the original spirit of travel… that getting there is not as important the experience of going,” for the youth of today. I think it’s a great story as these days we Instagram our packed cases, outfits we are wearing to the airport and so forth. Here’s a great example remember the picture of Kanye & Kim just landed in Las Vegas for her birthday and engagement; “The Cliche” they posted up. Kanye was standing on a Rolls Royce now this shows the experience of getting to your destination.

Peter was quoted in Harper’s Bazaar saying “We travelled to South Africa with almost complete creative license and a wonderful cast,” says Lindbergh. “Karen Elson and Edie Campbell are two young women travelling in a very personal, but not necessarily narrative way. Working without any layouts or prefixed ideas allowed us to create spontaneous and real situations. The result is charming and natural.”

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