A La Russe Creates a Stylish Dynamic for Resort 2014


Russian designer Anastasia Romantsova perfects the art of stylish dichotomy and makes it look easy.

The first thing that popped into our minds when viewing the resort collection from A La Russe was the 1992 film, The Lover (L’Amant). The seaside stylings, the loose-fit dresses, crisp white suit, and straw boaters all look borrowed from the French film, set in late 1920s Vietnam.

But then we realized it recalled something else, our own turn-o-the-century flavored editorial from 2011. From the summery plaids and barbershop stripes right down to the tailored jackets and slouchy trousers, we fondly remember that perfect spring afternoon shooting on the Philadelphia waterfront. (So excuse us if we seem a little biased today.) Needless to say, A La Russe designer Anastasia Romantsova does everything that is good in fashion and styling: Balancing structure with ease, boy with girl, city with the shore, and making it all look incredibly simple to pull off. Unfortunately, the collection is not available in many parts of the world (including here in the US) but you can take inspiration from the mood of the lookbook and its styling — buy some trousers in a size or two too big, snuff out a pastel, cotton dress shirt from the boys’ department, slip into a pair white oxfords, and top it all off with flat-top straw fedora.





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