Homosexual Content a Line Drawn or a Line Crossed?

Rated R for  Mature Audiences Only


Recently the MPAA decided to give A Gay Teen Comedy “G.B.F.” the R rating, according to Word and Film. The recent strike down of DOMA may leave it up to media to shape societies ideas behind a general consensus. Have we crossed the line and if so do we need a new one? The MPAA certainly thinks so and honestly it may be a good idea.

Without question homosexuality is not new and laws have been put in place to protect the heterosexual society(Heterosexual is opposite of Homosexual). The laws of nature are based on Heterosexual Human behavior as well as basic rationale. We won’t get into a debate about right and wrong but because we are becoming a more diverse world homosexuals rights are needed.

New lines drawn with more lines to cross.

The line of discussion. An open topic for a new generation to define. The MPAA’s move to use the R rating for a Gay Teen Comedy “G.B.F.” doesn’t imply that there is a ban on gay content but there should be some censorship. We are talking about sexual behavior of an Alternative Lifestyle. Some people aren’t getting laid at all let alone getting some from multiple partners, the same sex or both.(Sounds pretty gluttonous, damn sex fiends. Lol) The MPAA’s choice seems to take into consideration the whole and not a segmentation. Gay rights are important but it’s not a pass as a way to separate yourself as human beings that should be judged separately or treated differently.

There is a line drawn but there is a silhouette of humanity.

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