Vogue ’70, Valentino Roman Rooftop

From the April 1970 issue of Vogue magazine

‘Valentino’s Roman Rooftop: Well ordered, exact, superbly detailed, and alive with fantasie.’


‘Against the roof’s terra-cotta colours he played yellow sailcloth, a green splurge of potted plants and vines, the sharp whites of a classic sculpture and geometrically precise furniture…’


‘In a turquerie tent, forming a glowing alcove off the coolly white and brown living room, the swathes of linen are printed with a design copied from a book of Persian art…’


‘In its details, its precise attention to proportions, the living room of this Roman penthouse is a study in subtleties: beautifully fitted near-white fabric on the walls; whipping-white carpeting; white Tibetan wool on chairs.’


‘In the guest room, walled and hung in a lush print designed by Valentino, a Spanish bed and a painting of Napoleon’s son…’

‘In the dining room lined with Chinese red fabric, Louis XV Genoese chairs surround a glass and metal table by Alessandro Albrizzi.’


‘From the library with its black alligator table, seventeenth-century rock crystal objects, and zebra rug, a view from the terrace.’

Photographed by Horst P. Horst

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Categories: Editorial, Lifestyle, Luxury, Men


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