Brimming with Confidence


Inspired by the ghosts of chapeaus past, milliner Janessa Leone knows how the perfect hat

can be a game-changer.

All you have to do is skim through our fresh fashion editorials to know about our weakness for hats — from Panamas to cloches, Greek fishermen to trappers, they always play a key supporting role in almost every photo-set we do. And also being unapologetic tomboys, we have a particular affinity for menswear-styled chapeaus, especially fedoras, bowlers, and even the odd pork pie (Heisenberg!). So when we were introduced to Janessa Leone via Third Street Habit’s trustworthy blog, learning more about the LA-based milliner became essential.

Leone originally got the bug to start her line after a post-college trip to Paris, where a vintage hat purchase changed her life. ‘I possessed a certain air when I wore this hat,’ she explained in one interview. ‘And I knew I wanted to create a hat that would give people that same confidence.’ The brand also takes cues from Leone’s childhood adventures rummaging through her grandfather’s closet, a charming essence that can be gleaned through Leone’s design style and craftsmanship. The toppers are sculpted from high end wool felting and are meant to get better with age, breaking in and fitting perfectly, like an old pair of jeans. Each piece is created by hand in a Los Angeles factory and it shows — the details are exquisite, from the tiny leather belt and buckle on the Vera to Isis’ flaming feather accent. While only hats are currently on the Janessa Leone menu, an expansion into a full lifestyle brand is in the works.



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