Style 601 Creative Director Camilla Behrens Moments Branding and Fashion Trends


Luxe Film+Fashion brand, Style 601, competes in a large market space of entertainment, retail, and luxury news/editorials; that has been made possible largely in part to Designer and Creative Director of Branding for Style 601, Camilla Behrens.

Behrens is Danish born where arts and crafts are a natural part of the lifestyle. It’s also known to be the happiest country in the world. Maybe that’s why she’s seen so much success already in her young career.

Camilla recently graduated from UCLA’s Graphic and Fashion design program but not without working with a few known names. Geren Ford, Nialaya, Style 601 (that’s us, of course). She’s also a designer for AG Jeans and currently manages the art department.

Whoa! Talk about busy!

I managed to get a moment with the Creative Director of Branding just to share her thoughts about branding!

imageS601: What is branding?
CB: Consider branding as storytelling. It’s understanding what story you want to tell with your product, and find a way to communicate that to the consumer. Great branding is creating a beautiful story that caries through out every part of the brand; from the product, to the packaging, store design, advertising etc. The more you try to understand the audience you’re communicating to, the more successful you will become as a brand.
S601: What is your favorite fashion brand?
CB: I really admire all the small independt design brands that have been established these last few years. You see more and more shows for small businesses, new designers designing and making their products. These designers are really smart great designers. Because they’re managing every aspect of their business, they understand their brand really well, which means they eventually become really succesfull. This holiday I visited Renegade Craft Fair and Unique LA here in Los Angeles. A lot of very talented designers, that are super passionate about what they do, and they create beautiful unique products. Every show I attend I will collect business cards and post cards. Such intelligent branding. Cool logos, great concepts, smart photography. A lot of brilliant stuff out there. I started my own collection of handcrafted fashion goods this year called Rosairus ( It’s been really full filling creating my own story, making things with my hands, designing all the elements for the brand. I really enjoy the process, discovering new teqniques and materials, I love experimenting, and I appreciate fashion brands who have the same kind of approach to design. I discovered the work of Sarah Thorne recently, she did some beautiful invitations for Mulberry’s AW 11 show. She’s done a lot of great work for other fashion brands as well. The invitation really captured the concept of the collection.
S601: How important is branding in fashion and design?
CB: Branding is everything. If you don’t know how to communicate your vision to the consumer, it’s impossible to become a succesful brand. It’s important to start found your brand based on a great story that talks about what you do and how you do it. What makes your brand different from other fashion brands? Is it how or where the products are made? And then identifying who you want to appeal to, whom you want to purchase your product/ design.
S601: Do fashion trends generally coincide with branding or does branding generally change with time?
CB: A brand can change with time. But it’s important to constantly be aware of which direction the brand is going . When designing a new collection, or changing how the stores are designed; it still needs to appeal to the audience you want to communicate to. Fashion trends can only affect a brand so much. Of course it depends on what kind of brand you are. Chanel and Forever 21 are two completely different brands. Chanel creates pieces that will work for years, even decades. It’s an investement. Forever 21 is fast fashion, appealing to the mass market. For them it’s all about making every trend available to almost everyone. Two very different brands, who do what they do really well, because they understand their audience.
S601: What role do you play as Creative Director of Branding at Style No. 601 and Graphic Designer at AG Jeans?
CB: For both Style 601 and AG, but also other brands I work with, including my own (Rosairus), it’s my job to understand the brand and know how to tell its story. Style 601 is a newer project, we’re still creating the story, which has been really exciting. Creating a brand from scratch is super cool. I love it. Very conceptual, a lot of brand storming, throwing around ideas. Figuring out what we’re all about and what we want to accomplish. Where we want to tell this story. It’s pretty great to be doing this for a living!

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