Set Life: Grey’s Anatomy Hair Stylist Desiree Dizard Talks Hollywood and Beauty

Set Life: Grey’s Anatomy Hair Stylist Desiree Dizard Talks Hollywood and Beauty


In the world of Hollywood it’s easy to only recognize on screen talent, but it’s the offscreen talent that brings it all together! ABC Television Drama, Grey’s Anatomy, has been one of TV’s most popular shows for over a decade and is a part of Shonda Rimes dynamic portfolio of TV works. Desiree Dizard is a hair stylist for Grey’s and spends most of her time with award winning actresses Chandra Wilson (Dr. Miranda Bailey, Image Award, Emmy nominated) and Sandra Oh (Dr. Christina Yang, Golden Globe Award) in her chair. Desi has has been Department Head on set on several occasions including ABC’s Splash and Lifetime’s Abducted starring Sheri Shepard, Keke Palmer, and Aunjuanue Ellis.

image has managed to arrange a chat with the Grey’s Anatomy Hair Stylist in a conversation about Hollywood, Beauty, and Set Life!

S601: How long have you been working in Hollywood? How did you get in!

DD: Since 1997
I worked on a movie called Lockdown that Master P was a producer on. It started non union and turned union. I knew him from doing hair on his music video.

S601: Who is your favorite actress to work with? Why?

DD: My Favorite actress to work with is Keke Palmer because she’s sweet and pleasant to be around. Another favorite is Sarah Silverman because she made me laugh.

S601: What set has been your favorite to work on so far?

DD: My favorite movie set was How High with Method and Red Man who was a blast. Mike Epps kept us all laughing. But my favorite TV show to work on was Jimmy Kimmel live. It was a party every day.

S601: What’s set life like?image

DD: Set life is interesting. Some days I’m like what did I get myself into and other days I love it. It depends on which set I’m working on and who I’m working with. There’s a lot of politics and different types of people to gel with. In each department there is a collaborative effort to accomplish the goal. Hair and makeup department can be full of drama good and bad.
Do you have any style tips for us? You know Hollywood trade secrets….

A good Hollywood hair secret is we use lace wigs and clip in hair pieces to keep the pressure off of the actors natural hair or just to create characters.

S601: What’s the most important part of your job?

DD: The most important part of my job is taking pics of each look so that I keep records to match continuity. Everything is shot out of sequence Of course.

S601: What actress would you most want to work with?

DD: I would love to work with Queen Latifah.

S601: I understand you write as well. How have you translated your current set experience into your writing?

DD: Yes I incorporated the weird personalities and experiences into my writing. I have to.

S601: What advice would you give to someone wanting to work in hair and makeup?

The advice I would give is to shadow a professional artist first then jump in and start getting as much experience as possible. Go for it.

S601: Thanks for sharing with us!

Check out Desiree Dizard on IMDB and see her work on ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy Thursdays at 8/7c!

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