A Buggie’s Life

Meddling kids or not, Fendi’s new Bag Bugs remind us not to take fashion too seriously.

Overpriced, overhyped, and (usually) underwhelming, designer handbags rarely grab our attention. Even if we could afford the astronomical price tags, the whole “It Bag” wait-list thing is enough to turn us off anyway. However, we never say never. Case in point: Fendi’s new Bag Bug collection, a lovable line-up of demon-faced critters which has even our tired eyes springing from their sockets.


Released just this week, the assortment features devilish new versions of Fendi classic bags that are impossible to hate on. The 2Jours Petiteis appliqued with expressive, Looney Toon-y eyeballs while the Baguette is trimmed in a blue furry beard that Cookie Monster would envy. Winning the clever competition, though, is the understated Peekaboo; with just two tiny gold peepers peering out mischievously, his zipper grin just dares you to take notice. Coinciding with the bags’ release, Fendi has also introduced Buggies, a shaggy little band of dangly charms first unveiled in the preview video above. The entire collection has shades of vintage “Scooby-Doo” villainry and in our wild animated dreams, accessories director Silvia Fendi hitched on ride on the Mystery Machine, took in a few capers, and binged on a box of Scooby Snacks for inspiration.


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