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How Ralph Lauren is making good on his promise to dress American Olympians in locally-made gear.

 Ralph Lauren took a lot of heat two years ago when it was discovered that his uniforms for the 2012 American Olympic Team were manufactured in China. And rightly so; with “Made in the USA” our nation’s current rallying cry, it was almost criminal for Lauren to have the clothes made outside of the country, especially for an event that is supposed to elicit patriotism amongst its athletes and sports fans.

But what few mentioned was that those outfits were also a crime against fashion. His white trousers and double-breasted blazers just weren’t particularly cool and the dowdy knee-length skirts were doing no favors for our lady atheletes. The berets didn’t flatter anyone’s head. Not to mention those striped ascots which, just, no.

Luckily, not only did Lauren follow through on his promise to contract out the workload to American manufacturers (even the threads were sourced on these shores) but his looks for 2014 are ones we’d actually wear ourselves. Incidentally, the official Olympic collection will be available for purchase starting on November 15th.

ralph_lauren_olympics_2014_1Speed skater Shani Davis and Paralympic snowboarder, Mike Shea

ralph_lauren_olympics_2014_2Figure skater Evan Lysacek and freestyle skier, Hanna Kearney



Images from Ralph Lauren

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